The Rookie & the Rockstar

By now you know I’m a huge fan of Jiffy Kate’s books and their latest is no exception! This is another home run!

Starting out in the minor leagues, Bo “Work Hard, Play Hard” Bennett has the opportunity to move up to the majors with the New Orleans Revelers. He’s focused on this one goal and he’s not going to let anything stand in his way…that is until he meets Lola Carradine. Charlotte (stage name Lola) is focused on her next album and doesn’t want a relationship to interfere…until she meets Bo. Starting as friends, their relationship morphs into more, but not without the paparazzi and others harassing them. There are other issues at play which Bo and Charlotte must navigate in order to decide if their relationship is worth it. Do they make it? How does the outside world affect Bo’s rookie year and Lola’s new album? You’ll have to read to find out!

If you’re a baseball fan, you’ll feel the excitement in the stadium when Bo is up to the plate and will become one of “Bo’s Babes” too.



I wasn’t ready

david thompson

He was a co-worker, then my friend and mentor.

I began working with David in 2000 in the Office of Marketing & Communications. I was new to the PR field, but David showed me the ropes. As the editor of the Georgia Southern Magazine he started me off writing the tidbits sent by alumni in the Chronicles section. From there he assigned me stories of those on the alumni board, then stories on our alumni. It became a joke between David and myself that he needed to assign the “hot” alumni to me (and there were a couple I was able to interview…thanks, David 🙂 ).

David, my husband (Danny), and I began having our weekly lunch ritual and eventually brought our co-worker Ryan into the fold. These lunches were a great time for us to vent about our jobs and other co-workers (we even had code names for them), and sports.

I left the Office of Marketing & Communications in 2008, but still had my weekly lunches with David…with a faculty schedule sometimes these lunches weren’t as often. We still emailed and IM’d to discuss the goings-on of his office. When he retired in April 2017, we still had lunch, but not as regularly. We (Danny, David, and I) ate at Shane’s so often when he’d arrive before us the cashier would ask where his son was (referring to my husband, who is not his son). We all got a good laugh from that one and teased David mercilessly.

While I was in grad school working on my PhD I often contacted David for his editing expertise. Although he didn’t particularly like the topic of many of my papers (the film “Twilight”), he still read through them providing feedback and edits. When I asked him to proof what I hope will one day be a published article from my dissertation, his first comment was ‘it isn’t about vampires is it?’

There were so many jokes, so many stories between us and it’s hard to believe there won’t be any new memories to make. I know he’s no longer in pain and for that I am thankful. It’s just going to take our hearts longer to heal. Godspeed, David!

His obituary:

Come Again

come again

I’ve been a fan of Jiffy Kate’s books for awhile. Their books easily transport the reader to the city the story takes place and it’s no different with “Come Again.”

Leaving a bad relationship and starting over in an unfamiliar city, Avery navigates the changes in her life and finds herself as the first woman to work in Shaw O’Sullivan’s bar. While Shaw does all he can to not think about Avery, she does the same…at first. Their relationship has plenty of hiccups, roadblocks, and misunderstandings. Read to see how they’re able to overcome what might seem impossible. As you’re reading it’s easy to picture the French Quarter, the Garden District and everything in between. A few characters from “Blue Bayou” and “Finding Focus” make appearances as well and fit right into the story.

Like their other books, this one leaves you wanting more!

Blue Bayou

blue bayou

I could not put this book down! So well written – can easily picture the city, the Blue Bayou, and smelling the food.

I could picture myself in New Orleans which made me miss the city and all it has to offer…including beignets. Like every couple Maverick and Carys have their ups and downs, but they are perfect for one another. It’s hard not to see yourself in some of the situations Carys finds herself. Bth she and Maverick are relatable. Also love the cameos from the Landry’s.

Watch & See

watch & see

Like Mr. Chan’s soup, this book is hot! You will not be able to put it down.

Another wonderful read from Jiffy Kate! It takes you through a gambit of emotion from empathy, sadness, happiness, and everything in between.

Harper’s life hasn’t been easy and when she discovers Luke it doesn’t get any easier. You’ll feel yourself agreeing with some of her choices and arguing with her about others. As Luke finally opens up your heart goes out to him. The story of Harper and Luke, their personal ups and downs, and their road to one another isn’t all sunshine and roses which makes it that much more realistic.

Taming Trouble

businessman working on laptop  in black suit

It was great to go back into the Landry’s world and hear from Tucker. The dynamic between Tucker & Piper is hot and feisty!

Like their other books, Taming Trouble is a page turner. You can’t put it down because you want to find out what is going to happen next and get to know all of the characters…including the new ones.

This is a must read!

Table 10 – Parts 1-3

table 10

Part 1: I have been a Jiffy Kate fan for a long time and this story does not disappoint! When you first read about Nathan’s breakfast order to the beginning of his relationship with Kadi you’ll fall in love with these two as well. The relationship between Kadi and Nathan begins evolving in part one and makes you anticipate part two that much more!

Part 2: The much anticipated part two did not disappoint! The love Nathan has for Kadi is evident, he would do anything for her – if she’d just let him. Part two ends on a big cliffhanger that I’m looking forward to reading about in part three!

Part 3:  The spectacular conclusion to the story of Kadi and Nathan was worth the wait! Part two left us on a cliffhanger and part three revealed Nathan’s plans. The three parts have shown how both characters have grown (together and apart) and that their love story, like life, is a little messy but worth the fight.

Review: Cherish VoxBox

Disclaimer: the products reviewed are from samples I received via Influenster. I was not compensated in any way to promote these products. The products were complimentary used for testing. All opinions are my own.


I recently received, tried and have been reviewing samples received in the Cherish Vox Box from Influenster. There were many I liked, and a couple I didn’t.

The box includes a BarkBox toy, Mott’s Sensibles Apple Raspberry juice, Vera Wang Embrace Fragrance (French lavender & tuberose), Dove Men+Care Stain Defense Cool Antiperspirant Deodorant Dry Spray, and Pantene Pro-V Daily Moisture Renewal Foam Conditioner.

First, our dog Blitz LOVED his new toy. We usually don’t give him plush toys because he can destroy them quickly. However, we learned to only let him play with it for a bit (supervised), before he can be destroy it, put it away for a few days then bring it out and the cycle continues. Seriously considering joining the BarkBox club especially since I read they have boxes for super chewers – this is definitely our Blitz.

Second, my daughter and husband tried the Mott’s juice and although they both thought the fruit combination was weird the juice was good. According to the info I received from Influenster, this juice is only available at Target.

Third, I’m not a big perfume user, so I wasn’t a huge fan of the Vera Wang perfume sample. Although, the scent is not completely overpowering as it is with other perfumes.

Fourth, my daughter tried the Pantene moisture renewal foam conditioner because she uses the Pantene shampoo on a regular basis. She has thick hair and said she could tell a difference after using it that using it in combination with the Pantene shampoo, her hair feels softer.

Finally, the Dove spray deodorant. To say my husband was not a fan is an understatement. He didn’t like the scent – reminds him of a sterilized smell rather than a fresh and clean smell. He likened it to using Lysol as a deodorant. Overall his general preference is solid deodorants to spray ones.


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Product Review: Herbal Essences Dry Shampoo

Disclaimer: the products reviewed are from samples I received via Influenster. I was not compensated in any way to promote these products. All opinions are my own.

A few weeks ago I received a full size can of Herbal Essences Dry Shampoo in the scent white strawberry and sweet mint. I’ve used dry shampoo before and have always found it easy to use and this was no different.

When I first tried the Herbal Essences dry shampoo I wasn’t a fan of the scent. As I have continued to use it the scent doesn’t bother me as much. I think it was just strawberry or just mint it would smell better than the combination of the two.

In any case, the product goes on easy and works great. It’s nice to use on those in between hair washing days.

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