I wasn’t ready

david thompson

He was a co-worker, then my friend and mentor.

I began working with David in 2000 in the Office of Marketing & Communications. I was new to the PR field, but David showed me the ropes. As the editor of the Georgia Southern Magazine he started me off writing the tidbits sent by alumni in the Chronicles section. From there he assigned me stories of those on the alumni board, then stories on our alumni. It became a joke between David and myself that he needed to assign the “hot” alumni to me (and there were a couple I was able to interview…thanks, David 🙂 ).

David, my husband (Danny), and I began having our weekly lunch ritual and eventually brought our co-worker Ryan into the fold. These lunches were a great time for us to vent about our jobs and other co-workers (we even had code names for them), and sports.

I left the Office of Marketing & Communications in 2008, but still had my weekly lunches with David…with a faculty schedule sometimes these lunches weren’t as often. We still emailed and IM’d to discuss the goings-on of his office. When he retired in April 2017, we still had lunch, but not as regularly. We (Danny, David, and I) ate at Shane’s so often when he’d arrive before us the cashier would ask where his son was (referring to my husband, who is not his son). We all got a good laugh from that one and teased David mercilessly.

While I was in grad school working on my PhD I often contacted David for his editing expertise. Although he didn’t particularly like the topic of many of my papers (the film “Twilight”), he still read through them providing feedback and edits. When I asked him to proof what I hope will one day be a published article from my dissertation, his first comment was ‘it isn’t about vampires is it?’

There were so many jokes, so many stories between us and it’s hard to believe there won’t be any new memories to make. I know he’s no longer in pain and for that I am thankful. It’s just going to take our hearts longer to heal. Godspeed, David!

His obituary: https://www.legacy.com/obituaries/statesboroherald/obituary.aspx?n=charles-david-thompson&pid=191083814&fhid=5347


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